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When dealing with the consequences of your DWI you must always know that the DMV and Court System are totally separate. The ability to drive is a privilege that is regulated by THE DMV and in order to get the privilege back you need to meet the requirements set out by The DMV.


The basic idea seems really simple but far too often it is not, we find our clients making costly mistakes with their time while dealing with The DMV which ultimately turns into unnecessary financial loss. This is all easily avoided when the proper steps are taken to gather the proper information.

Q: What should I do, I can’t figure it all out? I have a career, a family and I am really embarrassed by the whole thing.
A: Everything is going to be okay, your situation is like so many others that’s why we have The Total DWI Process. We will help you manage the time and resources necessary to get you the best results while saving you the most time and money.

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